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Marcia Brown

  At one time, Marcia Brown thought about becoming a doctor. If medical school hadn’t been so expensive, she says, she might actually have done that. But as one of three sisters growing up in a minister’s family during the Depression, she knew she had to settle on something more practical: teaching.
  In the fall of 1936, Brown enrolled in the New York State College for Teachers, the University at Albany’s predecessor, where she majored in English and drama. She went on to teach those subjects at Cornwall High School in the lower Hudson Valley, but left the profession after three years to move to New York City and pursue her dream of writing and illustrating children’s books.
  Today, Brown is an internationally renowned illustrator and author of children’s books. Winner of the Caldecott Medal, awarded by the American Library Association for the most distinguished picture book of the year an unprecedented three times, Brown has produced over 30 children’s books during her 49-year career. Many of her titles have been produced in other languages, including Afrikaans, German, Japanese, Spanish and Xhosa-Bantu. She is noted for her spare texts, strong images and the vitality of her experimentation with a variety of media ranging from her trademark woodcuts to pen and ink and gouache. Her characters — lively and humorous, full of magic and enchantment — include handsome princes, sly cats, evil sorcerers, flying elephants and snow queens.

Marcia Brown


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