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Beyond the Sea of Ice: The Voyages of Henry Hudson
Joan Elizabeth Goodman
Illustrated by Fernando Rangel with maps by Bette Duke
Non-fiction Picture Book
Ages 12 and up
Mikaya Press, 1999, 0-9560493-8-8
  When the Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453, they created a very big problem for the Europeans who were used to getting spices, fabrics and other goods from the Far East. With the overland trade route going to Orient now cut off, the Europeans had to find another way to get the goods they so prized. Many were sure that there had to be some kind of passage across the top of North America that could get them to China. For Henry Hudson looking for this passage became a quest which he would never give up.
  In 1607 Henry and his son John set sail from England in their ship the Hopewell. It was hoped that he would be able to find a route across the top of the world that would take him to Asia. It was a very dangerous plan and with primitive navigational instruments, and few fact-based maps to use, it was a journey full of unknowns.
  Henry had no luck finding the route he had been sent to find. All he did find was a wall of ice stretching on for mile after mile without any way to get around or across the frozen Polar sea. So Henry went to the far northern areas of North America hoping that the passage lay across the top of this vast area of land. He did not find a passage and had to return to England but Henry did not give up.
  Henry next tried to find a passage across the top of Russia and when this effort failed he turned west, once more determined to search for the illusive northwest passage. When this effort failed Henry went back home and immediately began arranging for another trip.
  Readers of this skillfully written and detailed book will quickly come to see that Henry Hudson was a man who simply would not give up. Through the words, the illustrations, the maps, and the excerpts from travel logs and journals, readers will discover how immensely difficult it was to make journeys of this kind when one didn’t have the technology and knowledge that we have today. In all Henry Hudson made four voyages the last of which resulted in his death.

Beyond the sea of Ice


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