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The Little Prince

Every month TTLG highlights the work and life of an author or illustrator. Below you will find this month’s spotlight.

The Little Prince and a volcanoe

Mary Hoffman

Mary Hoffman is a bestselling British author and critic, born in 1945. She won a scholarship to James Allen’s Girls School in Dulwich, which she describes as “an exercise in punctuation in itself.” From there she went to the University of Cambridge to study English at Newnham College and then spent two years studying Linguistics at University College London. Since 1998, she has been an Honorary Fellow of the Library Association for her work with children and schools. She worked at the Open University for nearly five years, contributing to courses for teachers on reading, language, and children’s literature. For eighteen years, she was Reading Consultant to BBC Schools TV’s Look and Read series and wrote the teaching scripts. She has been a freelance, self-employed professional writer and journalist since the mid-90s.

  In total, she has written over 90 books, and now concentrates on longer books for teens, including the Stravaganza and a new thread of historical novels.

 Mary lives in Oxfordshire with her husband in a converted barn. They have three young Burmese cats who kindly share their home with them and three grown up daughters working in the arts.




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