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Zachary’s Ball
Matt Tavares
Picture Book
Ages 6 to 9
Candlewick, 2000, 076362918-9
  Zachary is at his very first baseball game and it is a truly fantastic to be there. How wonderful it must be to be able to walk on the same grass that so many of the world’s most famous baseball players have walked on. Of course he is in the stands but then his father catches a foul ball which he gives to Zachary. As the boy holds the ball he finds himself seemingly transported from the stands out and onto the field. Now he is Red Sox player and without quite knowing how, Zach pitches the ball which wins the game for the Boston team.
  That night and many others afterwards Zachary sleeps with his beloved ball and every time he does he has the most wonderful dreams in which he is doing all kinds of amazing baseball feats. Then, quite suddenly the ball is gone. It is only when he is an adult that Zachary finds the ball again and passes its magic into the hands of yet another baseball loving child.
  This is a unique tale which beautifully captures the joy that baseball can give a child. Though Zachary undoubtably is given a magic ball, the game of baseball has a very special magic of its own which everyone can enjoy if they just look for it in the right place. Baseball fans of all ages, especially those who support the Boston Red Sox, will greatly enjoy reading this exceptional picture book.


Zachary's Ball


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