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You're on Your Way, Teddy Roosevelt
Judith St. George
Illustrated by Matt Faulkner
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 6 and up
Penguin Putnam, 2004, 0-399-23888-3
Teedie was not a strong boy, often sick, and often laid up because of an asthma attack. His parents worried about their little boy very much and thought that perhaps he would get better if he was out in the countryside, in the fresh air. So, Teedie's family went and spent some time in the country and though Teedie was better, he still got attacks of asthma. Still he loved being in the "all outdoors" running about, investigating the wildlife, and playing with his sister and brother.
  Next Teedie's parents decided to take the family to Europe in the hope that an "ocean voyage and the change of scene" would help Teedie. Unfortunately Teedie was ill a great deal during the trip and ended up seeing numerous doctors as well.
  Finally Teedie and his father had a talk. It was what was said during this very valuable discussion which began Teedie's journey down the road of recovery and towards a life full of energy, vigour, and great accomplishments.
  This is an inspirational book about a very familiar figure in American history who had to overcome great personal challenges to be able to succeed in life. Theodore Roosevelt was not born the vibrant and unflagging man that we recognize in books and photographs. Theodore had to make himself into that man, to overcome a weak body, to fight a debilitating illness. He did fight, and luckily for us all, he won.
 Written with great sympathy and pride and filled with wonderfully cheerful paintings this is an excellent introduction to the life of Theodore Roosevelt which will certainly encourage its readers to want to discover more about his extraordinary man.
 At the back of the book the reader will find a useful mini biography of Theodore.
 This is "A Turning Point Book."

You're on your way Teddy Roosevelt


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