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Winter Wood

Steve Augarde

Fiction (Series)

Ages 12 and up

Random House UK, 2008, 978-0-385-6053-2

It is winter and Midge’s experiences with the Various are a distant memory. Sometimes it is hard for her to believe that she really did meet the “little people.” Now her life is full of homework, getting used to living in the country, and putting up with the renovation work that is going on around her. Then, in one startling moment, it all comes flooding back because the Various come to Midge asking for her help. Pegs the little flying horse and Tadgemole - one the little people who belongs to the tribe of cave dwellers - come to ask Midge for her help. They need Midge to find out what happened to her great-great-aunt Celandine. Apparently, the cave dwellers gave Celandine something precious, the Orbis, and now they need it back. The Various need to move on, and without the Orbis in hand, they will not be able to begin their journey.

  Though she believes that there is a good chance that her great-great-aunt is dead, Midge sets about trying to find her. Strange voices and forces seem to guide her as Midge learns more about her mysterious relative. Then, seemingly by accident – Midge makes an important discovery and a new journey, this time into the past, begins.

  In this final book in the Various trilogy, Steve Augarde takes his readers on an exciting voyage of discovery into Celandine’s past, and into the hidden history of the Various. The narrative switches between the story of the “little people,” and that of Midge and Celandine, and readers will find that it is almost impossible to put the book down once they have started reading it.


winter Wood


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