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William Shakespeare’s Tempest
Adapted by Marianna Mayer
Illustrated by Lynn Bywaters
Ages 6 to 8
Chronicle, 2005, 0-8118-5054-4
  This is the fantastical tale about a magician named Prospero and his daughter Miranda. When Miranda was still a baby Prospero’s brother Antonio, and the king of Naples, Alonso, conspired to remove Prospero from his seat of power and they had the man and baby thrown in a small boat and put in the sea. Luckily Prospero was a skilled magician and he was able to guide his little boat to a small island. There he lived with his daughter for many years nursing the dream of vengeance deep in his heart.
  Then one day Antonio and Alonso went sailing by Prospero’s island in a ship. Prospero quickly put together a plan and with the help of his magic helpers including the wind sprite Ariel, he soon had his enemies wandering all over the island, lost and disillusioned. He also separated Prince Ferdinand from his father and soon the young man found himself in the presence of the fair Miranda. The two young people quickly fell in love but Prospero was determined that their feelings for each other should be tested before he would allow them to be together. Ferdinand and Miranda were the not the only ones who were having to undergo hardship, for on another part of the island Antonio and Alonso were having great cause to regret that they had harmed Prospero and his baby girl.
  This wonderful retelling of Shakespeare’s play is true to the original using rich language and plenty of dialogue to capture the essence of the play. Lynn Baywaters’ colorful and highly detailed artwork beautifully portrays Prospero’s magnificent island, its magical inhabitants, and the people who find themselves at the mercy of a powerful and angry magician.

William Shakespeare's tempest


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