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Will and Squill
Emma Chichester Clark
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Lerner, 2006, 1-57505-936-3
  When they were very little Will, a little boy, and Squill, a little squirrel, met and became instant friends. It did not matter that neither of their mothers approved and it didn’t matter that they one of them lived in a house and that one of them lived in a tree. Squill and Will were the best of friends and nothing would change that.
 At least nothing changed until the day when Will’s parents gave him a little white kitten. Will was very taken with his new pet for a while and he and Squill had a falling out. Then Will realized that the kitten really wasn’t much of a companion at all. She didn’t like to bounce or play soccer. In fact all she liked to do was to sleep and sleep and sleep. In short the kitten was not the right kind of companion for Will.
  Suddenly Will realized that he has made a terrible mistake and that he missed Squill terribly. Would the little squirrel forgive Will and could they be friends again?
  This is a very sweet tale of a friendship between two very unlikely characters whose relationship endures in spite of everything. Warm and sunny illustrations capture the joy and love of life that the boy and the squirrel share when they are together


Will and Squill


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