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While We were out
Ho Baek Lee
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
Kane/Miller, 2003, 1-929132-44-1
  One never knows what might happen when ones goes away from home for a few days. One family gets a small furry visitor, a rabbit. This rabbit carefully slides open a door and comes into the house. There are so many things to do. Where should she start?
 Well, the rabbit is hungry so the first thing she does is to go into the kitchen, get some food out of the fridge, and eat a meal while sitting at the table. Next she watches a movie as she munches on a bag of snacks. After this the little rabbit sets about exploring the house. There is make-up to try on, clothes to wear, toys to play with, books to puzzle over, and she even manages to use the roller skates that she finds in a closet. What a clever rabbit she is. But will she be able to keep her little adventure a secret form the family.
  Delightfully soft illustrations in muted colors perfectly capture the atmosphere of quiet and secrecy as the little white rabbit moves around the empty house. Readers might even find themselves whispering as they read the minimal text. It is hard not to smile or laugh when one sees that the rabbit’s visit to the house was not be as discreet as she might like to think.


While we were out


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