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Where's the dragon?
Jason Hook
Illustrated by Richard Hook
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Sterling Publishing Company, 2004, 1-4027-1624-9
  George visits his grandfather every summer and he loves to spend time with the old man, watching him work in his wood shop and listening to his wonderful dragon stories. One summer, George asks his grandfather is he isn't just a little too old to believe in dragons. These words galvanise grandfather into action. The only way George is going to believe is if he sees a dragon for himself with his own two eyes.
  So, the old man, the little boy, and grandfather's pet dog Meg head off on a dragon hunting expedition.
  It soon becomes clear, as we accompany this intrepid group of explorers, that none of them are very observant. If they only saw what we can see and noticed a few pertinent details they would realize that they are constantly being given clues that indicate that there is a dragon nearby. Even when George catches on, Grandfather persists in failing to see the obvious, or he misunderstands what George is trying to tell him.
  Beautifully presented and very funny because of the ludicrous situations that grandfather gets into, this is a delightful book with lots to look at and enjoy. With extra thick pages and plenty of embossed texturing to accompany the richly detailed artwork, this is a book which will delight readers of all ages. Readers will discover that there are dragons hidden in the illustrations - in the most unlikely places. All they have to do is look hard and enjoy the search.

Where's the dragon


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