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Where are you?
Francesca Simon
Illustrated by David Melling
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Peachtree Press, 1998, 1-56145-179-7
  One day Harry goes to the grocery store with his Grandpa. It is “wonderful” place and no sooner have they arrived when little Harry smells something delicious on the air – cupcakes. In a flash he is off without so much as word to Grandpa. Luckily Grandpa quickly realizes that his little grandson is missing. The question is, where has Harry gone?
  Poor Grandpa starts looking for his diminutive relative but there are so many places where a little puppy could hide. Up and down the aisles Grandpa goes. In the meantime Harry is also looking all over the grocery story – for those elusive cupcakes.
  It is only when Harry finally finds his El Dorado that he realizes that he is alone, one very small puppy in a very large and alien grocery store and with no Grandpa in sight.
  Any small child who has been lost will be able to identify with Harry immediately. When one is in a strange place there is nothing more frightening than being without one’s grownup – even if it is only for a few minutes. Delightful illustrations show the scenes in the story from many points of view emphasizing the vastness of the grocery store and the very smallness of Harry.

Where are you


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