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What-If Sara
Rhea Tregebov
Illustrated by Leanne Franson
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
Second Story Press (Canada), 1999, 1-896764-20-7
  Sara lives with her Momma and Papa in a little apartment and theirs is a hard life. Often what Sara does to leave her life behind is to tell herself a story a “what if” story which is exciting. In each story Sara is the hero and she helps save the day. Her lively imagination takes her to all kinds of places and let her do things that give her control over her life – something she doesn’t seem to have when she is in the real world with Momma and Papa.
  Then one day when her Momma has to go to Auntie Gitta’s house, Sara is needed to help Papa in ways that she, and her parents, never expected. It turns out that Sara’s “what ifs” haven’t made her unable to help in times of trouble after all.
  This portrait of a poor immigrant family and the troubles that they face in their daily lives is touching and heart-warming. Full of details and made accessible through the trials of a little girl, Sara, this is a story which will encourage children to wonder about the immigrant experience and to ask what life was like ‘in the old days.’

What if sara


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