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What does Mrs. Claus do?

Kate Wharton

Illustrated by Christian Slade

Picture Book

Ages 6 to 8

Tricycle Press, 2008, 1-58246-164-3

  Santa Claus has a busy time of it on Christmas Eve. He is gone for many hours and one cannot help wondering what his wife, Mrs. Claus, does in his absence. Perhaps she stays at home, cleaning, knitting, and reading stories to the reindeer. Or perhaps she is an altogether busier person. Perhaps she hosts the Jingle Bell Ball. Certainly she would be a wonderful hostess at such an affair.

  Of course there is also the chance that Mrs. Claus takes on a more active role in her husband’s business. She could be the person who makes a lot of the decisions regarding new toys, production, and “consumer requests.” She might even shadow her husband on Christmas Eve, “watching his back” and making sure that all goes smoothly on this most important of nights.

  Written in rhyme and with wonderful full page illustrations throughout, this picture book will delight young Santa fans. Readers will have a laugh seeing Mrs. Claus dressed in a ninja style outfit as she shadows her husband. And then there are the pictures of this indomitable lady directing movies, playing football, conducting an elf orchestra, and much more. Is there anything Mrs. Claus can’t do?



What does Mrs Claus do


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