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Eileen Christelow
Picture Books
Ages 6 to 10
Clarion Books, 2003, 0-618-24754-8
  Chris Smith has decided to be a candidate in the race for the mayor's office and we are going to watch the process. Will she be able to beat Bill Brown to become the towns' next mayor and how will she do it? Luckily we have Chris' wonderful dogs, Elmer and Sparky, to help us understand how elections work. Actually, remarkably, Elmer seems to understand all about voting, the constitution, political parties, candidates, polling, campaigns, and election days. Each of these topics are discussed and described in a lively and amusing way through both text and annotated comic strip style illustrations. Elmer and Sparky are always there with their decidedly strong characters and opinions, always full of things to say about something, anything.
  Colorful, entertaining, and at the same time, highly informative, this is an excellent book to help children understand a critical part of our political process. It also describes the history of how the process came into being as it exists today, and it explains why it is important to participate in it. At the back of the book the reader will find a glossary, a "Timeline of Voting Rights", a page describing "More about Political Parties" and a resources list.



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