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Too Many Pumpkins
Linda White
Illustrated by Megan Lloyd
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 6
Holiday House, 1996, 0-8234-1320-9
  Rebecca Estelle hates pumpkins. In fact she hates them so much that she refuses to grow them even though she plants so many other things "for the long winter." One day Rebecca finds that some pumpkin plants have taken root in her front yard. Even though she digs them up, ignores them, and is determined that the plants "won't grow if I don't take care of them," the pumpkin plants in fact thrive. Actually they do better than thrive; the plants end up taking over the whole of Rebecca's front yard. Rebecca finds that she has a simply enormous harvest of pumpkins on her hands. What is Rebecca to do with this unwanted bounty?
  Coupled with the detailed and vibrant mixed media artwork, this funny and thoughtful tale emphasizes the rewards of giving and sharing. Rebecca discovers that pumpkins may be in fact be gifts instead of nuisances, and that it may well be time to let her prejudice go in favor of a new tradition and new friendships.

Too many Pumpkins


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