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Tom Crean’s Rocket: A True Story from Scott’s Last Voyage
Meredith Hooper
Illustrations by Bert Kitchen
Ages 4 to 7
Frances Lincoln, 1998, 1-84507-393-2
  In 1910 Robert Scott led an expedition to the Antarctic. On his ship there was a sailor by the name of Tom Crean who had brought his pet rabbit with him. By Christmas time the ship, the Terra Nova, was deep in the freezing waters of the Antarctic and it was very cold on board. Tom was worried that his little pet was going to get too cold so he set out on a tour of the ship to see if he could find a warm place for the little animal.
  From the hold to the galley, and from the big main cabin to the upper decks, Tom looked for a warm place for his pet. On deck they saw the frozen world outside while indoors they saw the men and animals who were making the trip south. Then, at last, Tom reached the stables and in amongst the ponies he found a warm snug spot for Little Rabbit to rest.
  Later that day Little Rabbit thanked her kind master by giving him and everyone else on board a very special Christmas surprise.
  Readers will be delighted to see what it was like to explore Scott’s ship as it made its dangerous and momentous journey south. On the ship crammed with men and animals, small events like the birth of baby rabbits acquired great significance.
  A section at the back of the book elaborates further on what happened to Robert Scott and Tom Crean in the months and years to come.

Tom Crean's Rabbit


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