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Tiger in the Snow

Nick Butterworth

Picture Book

Ages 4 to 6

HarperCollins UK, 2006, 9780007119691

  Tiger usually has no problem finding someone to play with him outdoors but today is not a usual sort of day. Today there is snow all over the ground outside and Tiger’s friends are not too keen to play in the snow. Tiger is just about to go inside when he sees something that gives him an idea. Half buried in the snow there is an old broken ironing board. Tiger does not see this item for what it is though. Instead he sees it for what it could be. With a box and some string he transforms his find into a sled and soon he is at the top of the hill.

  In this splendid seasonal title Tiger the kitten has a simple yet highly entertaining and funny snowy adventure. There is a pull out page in the middle of the story that children will especially enjoy because the artwork is amusing, and because the text is full of splendid actions words like “bouncing and prancing,” “rocking and rolling,” and “whizzing and sliding.” Children will have a hard time not joining in when they hear this terrific collection of words.


Tiger in the snow


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