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Nick Butterworth

Picture Book

Ages 4 to 6

HarperCollins UK, 2008, 978-0-00-711975-2

  Tiger looks a lot like a real tiger but he is really just a little kitten. Of course this does not stop Tiger from pretending to be a real tiger. Tiger has “soft, little, tigery paws,” but he likes to pretend that he really has “great, big, tigery claws.” When Tiger has something to say a little meow comes out of his mouth, but he likes to imagine that he is roaring, just like a real tiger.

  There are some things that Tiger does just as well as a real tiger. He can jump very well, and he can sneak up on things very quietly indeed. And this is not the only thing he has in common with the striped king of the jungle.

  Children who like to act as if they are grownups will immediately be able to identify with this little kitten who likes to pretend that he is a big ferocious tiger. Nick Butterworth tells this simple little story beautifully, and his illustrations are a joy to look at. Clever little touches throughout the story give the tale additional elements of humor and whimsy.






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