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Thief of Hearts

Christopher Golden

Fiction (Series)

Ages 14 and up

Simon and Schuster, 1999, 0-671-03493-6

  Jenna Blake is, on the whole, enjoying her time at college. She knows that she is very lucky. She is doing quite well in her classes; she has some great friends; she loves the college of Somerset and its environs; and Jenna likes her job working with the medical examiner. Of course, there are some who think her job is pretty strange and rather gruesome, but Jenna finds it rewarding and is even considering having a career in the field. After all, when you find out how and why people died, you are able to give their loved ones some peace of mind and closure.

  However there are some cases which are deeply disturbing. Jenna is not at all prepared when the body of a young girl arrives at the morgue which has had its heart removed. Why would anyone do such a thing? Jenna is even more upset when her boss, Slick, suggests that the murderer took the heart so that he or she could keep it. What kind of a killer are they dealing with here?

  Things get more worrisome when the heart thief strikes again. This time his victim is an older man and once again the victim’s heart has been removed. Clearly the Somerset/Cambridge area has a serial killer on the loose.

  Not long after the second killing Jenna’s life is turned completely upside down when her friend Melody is targeted by the killer. Slick wants Jenna to stay off the case but she cannot help trying to find out who the killer is. Her brother Pierce, who had become very close to Melody, is also eager to do what he can to avenge Melody’s death. He even comes up with a truly horrifying theory to explain the killer’s heart stealing activity. Could Pierce be right?

  Murder mystery aficionados who are not put off by blood and gore are sure to be intrigued by this absorbing story. Not only does one become caught up in Jenna’s efforts to solve the crime, but one cannot help noticing that Jenna is developing an interest in an older man. It would appear that even when one is faced with death, romance can bloom. 

  This is the second title in the Body of Evidence series and it provides readers with a very different picture of college life.

Thief of hearts


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