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The Whole Green World
Tony Johnston
Pictures by Elisa Kleven
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005, 0-374-38400-2
 A little girl is putting on her shoes so that she can go outside to play with her "shaggy dog." Soon the two of them have a sack of seeds which they are going to use to "plant the whole round world." Once the seeds are in the ground the little girl waters the seeds. She celebrates as the sun warms the world, as the birds who like to eat seeds "follow me," as the ants and ladybugs crawl everywhere, and as the "little breeze" blows the seeds "round the world."
  The little girl, in her dreams and her imagination plants her seeds all over the world, in places where people live in pagodas, in places where people live in small huts with grassy roofs, and in places where there are high rises or churches with onion domes. Wherever she goes she leaves behind her a wonderfully green, flower filled world.
  Incredibly detailed multi media illustrations swirl with colour and life in this celebration of our earth and in our own ability to make it more beautiful. There is much to see and small children will find themselves poring over the pictures to see all the delightful animals, people, houses and buildings, the plants, the birds, the insects and the landscapes.

The Whole Green World


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