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The Very Ugly Bug

Liz Pichon

Picture Book

Ages 3 to 5

Tiger Tales, 2004, 1-58925-404-X

  There once was a bug who was extremely ugly. Her eyes were “googly,” she had a “lumpy” head, her back was all hairy, and she had purple legs with spots all over them. The ugly bug was quite a bit uglier than the other insects around and she couldn’t help wondering why. Why didn’t they look like her?

  One by one they explained to her that each of them had a feature which helped them to hide or get away from birds who wanted to eat them. For example one of the insects had wings which could fly it to safety, and another was green and could blend in the background so that a bird could not see it.

  Poor ugly bug did not have wings, and she certainly was not able to blend in with the background. In fact she stuck out like a sore thumb no matter what she did to camouflage herself. What would she do if a bird saw her?

  In this funny picture book children get to meet a creature who, unlike her fellow insects, does not seem to have a way to defend herself from predators. Thankfully a solution to her problem presents itself just when it is needed. The answer to her problem was there all the time.

  This ‘be true to yourself” story is warming and amusing, and children will love the odd looking bug with her strange eyes, her wobbly antennae, and her crooked smile.



The Very Ugly Bug


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