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The Travels of Babar
Jean de Brunhoff
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Random House, 1934, 0-394-80576-3
  King Babar and his new young wife are off on their honeymoon. They are taking a trip in a hot air balloon and all goes well until they encounter a fierce storm out at sea. Luckily their balloon goes not crash into the water but on an island. Babar and Celeste set up camp and all seems to be going well until Celeste is seized by a tribe of cannibals who decide that they are going to eat the poor elephant. Thankfully Babar comes to the rescue and frees his beloved but their adventures are far from over.
  Meanwhile, back in elephant country, Arthur, Babar’s young cousin, gets into trouble - as usual. This time however his mischief leads to a conflict. Rataxes the leader of the rhinos is furious and before anyone has time to do anything about it, a war between the rhinos and the elephants breaks out.
  When Babar and Celeste finally come home they find that their lovely land has been torn apart. Will the young king be able to resolve the problems between the elephants and the rhinos before it is too late?
  In this second Babar book, the wonderful elephant and his young queen have all kinds of adventures. By being courageous and wise, they are able to overcome the many problems that lie in their path.
  Readers who enjoyed reading “The Story of Babar” will find this volume just as satisfying and thrilling and they will come to appreciate that Babar is a very special elephant indeed.


The Travels of Babar


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