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The Runaway Train
Benedict Blathwayt
Picture Book with a Sticker Frieze (Series)
Ages 3 to 5
Random House UK, 2006, 1-862-30248-0
  Duffy Driver is late getting up this morning and he has to rush to get to The Little Red Train to the station on time. Just as the train is getting ready to leave the station Duffy sees that an old lady is running down the platform. Forgetting to put on the brake, Duffy gets out of the cab to help the old lady get on to the train. Alas for Duffy! The Little Red Train begins to “chuff-chuff” down the track without a driver.
  What follows is a mad dash to catch up with the Little Red Train. First a lorry driver tries to help Duffy. The a man in a motorboat tries to catch up with the Little Red Train. Next Duffy goes after his charge on a bicycle. After this he tries riding a horse and then a tractor. All to no avail. It is only when Duffy gets into a helicopter that he is finally able to reach his train and get behind the controls once more.
  Children will find this exciting little story quite captivating. Duffy has lots of adventures as he tries to catch up with the Little Red Train and he does many of the things that we wouldn’t mind doing ourselves. Best of all perhaps is the fact that children can create their own train chase on the frieze which is included with the book. The fifty clear plastic stickers that go with the frieze can be removed and repositioned on the train chase background scene again and again giving children the opportunity to create all kinds of pictures to their heart’s content.


The Runaway Train


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