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The Quigley's not for sale

The Quigleys: Not for Sale
Simon Mason

Illustrated by Helen Stevens
Fiction (Series)
Ages 7 to 9
Random House UK, 2004, 0-385-75043-9
  Sometimes it is very hard to understand what grownups mean. The Quigleys are going away to spend a few days at a pleasant hotel. Will and his sister Lucy are told repeatedly that they have to be on their best “Good Behavior.” The children really do try to do their best but they don’t always get things quite right. For example, when they try to play snooker they get into awful trouble for making a mess and when Will does his best to “make conversation” with the other guests, he talks about the kinds of things which most people would never talk about in public. How was he to know that one is not supposed to talk about cholera at the dinner table.
  Then there is the time when Mr. Quigley decides that the family needs a new house. At first the children love the idea but then they start to realize that they will be leaving behind so much if they leave the home that they have always lived in. They won’t have their best friends living next door, and they won’t be surrounded by the comfortable memories hat make their house a home. How are they going to make their Dad change his mind about the move?
  The four stories in this delightful volume are full of hilarious misunderstandings and clever word play. Families sharing the stories will have no difficulty identifying with the Quigleys. Parents will nod their heads knowingly, sympathizing with Mr. and Mrs. Quigley, while children will completely understand how Will and Lucy feel and will perfectly understand their problems.
  This is the third book in the highly successful and popular Quigley series.



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