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The Pumpkin Fair
Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Eileen Christelow
Picture Book and Unabridged Cassette
Ages 3 to 6
Clarion, 2005, 0-618-864479-2
  A little girl is going to the Pumpkin Fair with her family and she is taking her own home-grown pumpkin with her. Her pumpkin certainly isn't as big or as beautiful as some of the other pumpkins that she sees, but the little girl loves her in-between speckled pumpkin.
  There is a great deal to do at the fair. Among other things there are pumpkin creatures to admire, seed spitting contests, a tug of war match, and of course there are all sorts of pumpkin delicacies to try though the little girl is determined not to eat any of the "gooey party stew" which she doesn't like the look of.
  Best of all, the devoted little girl and her pumpkin are noticed as they go from entertainment to entertainment and both are rewarded before they leave the fair.
  The simply written, often amusing rhyming picture book perfectly captures the atmosphere and the fun of a fall festival as seen through the eyes of a little girl. Young readers will have no difficulty understanding why the little girl prizes her pumpkin so much - after all she grew herself and it all hers.
  Complete with music, sounds effects, and a chime to help readers know when it is time to turn the page, this excellent cassette and picture book set is perfect for reading times during the harvest season. The set is one of the titles in the "Carry Along Book and Cassette Favorites" series.

The Pumpkin Fair


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