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The Most Perfect Spot
Diane Goode
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 6
HarperCollins, 2006, 0-06-072697-0
  Jack is taking his mother to “the most perfect spot for a picnic” – in the park. It is a perfect day with clear skies and lots of people are out and about. Jack and his mother get to the park and they find what they are sure has to be the perfect spot for their little picnic when disaster strikes. The boat they are in tips over and both of them get very wet indeed. On the bank Jack and his Mama find a good place to sit, dry off, and eat their sandwiches but then, yet again, they are disturbed and their picnic is disrupted.
  Time and time again this happens. They get wet, muddy, Mama loses her hat, and then, to top it all off, it begins to pour with rain. Dear me! Clearly the park is not the perfect place for a picnic. Where should they go next?
  Diane Goode has illustrated a wonderfully rich and detailed picture book. Her simple storyline is both warm and funny. Clearly Mama and Jack have a very special relationship, one which no amount of minor picnic disasters can affect. Small children will find a great deal to look at in the illustrations and there are plenty of noise words to shout out. If they are observant they might notice that a certain little dog appears on every page - a little dog who ends up getting just what he was looking for by the time we get to the last page.

The Most Perfect Spot


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