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The Mole Sisters and the Moonlit night

The Mole Sisters and the Moonlit Night
Roslyn Schwartz
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 3 to 6
Annick Press, 2001, 1-55037-770-1
  It is a perfectly beautiful moonlit night and the mole sisters go boating on a pond in a little leaf boat. As they lie in the bottom of the boat looking up at the full moon they see a brilliant shooting star flash across the sky. Quickly the two little moles make a wish and before you know it their wish has come true - they are on the moon!
  It isn’t long before the two moles start feeling homesick. After all they say as they look at a distant Earth, “the world really is a wonderful place.” Thankfully the shooting star comes back and the moles are able to wish themselves home again.
  In this delightful little picture book young readers will find themselves being transported to a beautiful soft moonlit night in the company of two charming little creatures who not only appreciate the beauty of their world, but who are also clearly devoted to one another.
  A minimal text and lovely colored pencil drawings breathe life into the simple world of two little moles whose enchanting little adventures have charmed little children and their families for years.



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