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The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres
Marie Le Tourneau and Danielle Reed Baty
Picture Book
Ages 6 to 8
Tanglewood Press, 2006, 0-9749303-6-9
  Chef Marcel owns the best bistro in Paris and to help him create his wonderful mouse delicacies he has his seven sons and his only daughter who work with him. Chef Marcel is particularly famous for his award winning cheese soup. One day the chef receives a telegram from The Committee for the Best Cheese Soup in All of France which says that in just one hour someone from the committee will be at the bistro to taste some of the chef’s famous soup. Frantically the seven sons and their father work to get the famous soup ready in time. Chef Marcel has to go out and get the secret ingredient and when he is late getting back the seven brothers fall apart. Will their sister, the calm and collected Michelle, be able to make a soup worthy of her family or will the bistro loose its place in as the place where one can get the best cheese soup in France.
  Sprinkled with lots of French words and phrases and beautifully illustrated with whimsical illustrations of the mouse family and their restaurant world, this is a delightful picture book which will give little girls a special thrill. Rich with Gallic flavor, the surprising ending and the French pronunciation guide at the beginning of the story make this a very unique book.


The Mice of Bistro


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