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The Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd
Peter Lourie
Ages 10 to 12
Boyds Mills Press, 2000, 1-56397-851-2
  For Killian the river and its history is the only thing that really matters in his life. More importantly it is the secrets that they river is keeping from him that attracts him the most. A newcomer to the little town on the banks of the Hudson, Alex is grateful to have Killian’s friendship even if the boy is a bit strange and unpredictable. It is when Killian’s father starts talking about going to Florida, that Killian steps up his search for the treasure of the great, reluctant pirate, Captain Kidd. There are many stories about Kidd burying his treasure somewhere along the Hudson river and Killian is determined to find that treasure no matter what. Alex is swept up into the vortex of Killian’s determination and before he quite knows what is happening he is up to his neck in trouble.
  Exciting, full of river history and pirate lore, this book is a great read for armchair adventurers .

The Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd


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