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The Loathsome Dragon
Retold by David Weisner and Kim Kahng
Illustrated by David Weisner
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 6
Clarion Books, 2005, 0-618-54359-7
  Once upon a time a good king lived with his wife and his two children Richard and Margaret in beautiful Bamborough Castle. Unfortunately the king's queen died soon after Richard left home to "see the world." The king met a new lady who bewitched him to love her. The king was so infatuated that he decided to marry the enchantress and brought her to his home. The enchantress was dreadfully jealous of the love that the king had for his daughter Margaret and she soon set about weaving a cruel spell that turned Margaret into a Loathsome Dragon. The only thing that would free Margaret from this evil spell was if her brother Richard kissed the dragon three times before a year had passed.
  Thankfully a wise wizard knew what had happened. He advised the people to send for Prince Richard so that Margaret could be rescued from her terrible transformation. Would the prince be able to get home and break the spell before the year was over?
  This wonderful fairy tale with its magical and highly detailed artwork is superbly retold in a way that will appeal to children and to those who choose to read the book out loud.

The Loathsome Dragon


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