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Little Red Train’s Race to the Finish
Benedict Blathwayt
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Random House UK, 2006, 0-091-79862-0
 Jack and Duffy are fed up with the way in which the Swish Trains are taking over all the railway routes and it is disturbing that the fast and modern trains now want to take on the Little Red Train’s route to Barnacle Bay. Why, if the Swish Trains take this route then the poor Little Red Train will have nothing to do. It is decided therefore that the Little Red Train and one of the Swish trains will have a race and whoever wins will get the Barnacle Bay route. The Swish Train drivers are scornful of the Little Red Train, Jack, and Duffy and they are determined to win.
  Unfortunately it seems very likely that the Swish Train will win because the Little Red Train keeps having unexplained problems. First there is the oil on the tracks which makes the steel slippery. Then there are the sheep all over the line which have to be rounded up and taken back to their meadow. Finally the Little Red Train finds itself diverted off the main line when someone switches the points. It would seem that someone is trying very hard to make sure that the Little Red Train loses this race. Will the Little Red Train be able to make it to Barnacle Bay before the Swish Train arrives?
  In this charming Little Red Train title the Little Red Train faces a very common modern day problem – downsizing. Thankfully there are many people who love and admire the Little Red Train and these people are not willing to let the fast trains force the Little Red Train out of work. Children will see that it does not pay to cheat in a contest and that, at least in this case, the person in the right ends up winning. With plenty of cunning and detailed illustrations, this picture book is sure to become a firm favorite for train fans of all ages.


The Little Red Train's Race to the Finish


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