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Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends: The Listening Walk
David Kirk
Picture Book
Callaway, 2005, 0-448-43999-9
  Miss Spider’s eight children are all in bed safe and sound and seven of them are fast asleep. Poor little Wiggle however is having a hard time falling asleep because he keeps hearing dreadful noises. “Hoots and toots and tweets and twitters” are giving poor Wiggle the jitters. Surely only ferocious monsters could be making such noises, monsters who are eager to eaten up little Wiggle.
  Thankfully Wiggle has a very wise mama. Miss Spider decides to take her little son outside for a “listening walk.” Wiggle soon sees that there is a perfectly reasonable and safe reason for every noise that he hears. The “clack clack clack” nose that worries the little bug comes from Eunice Earwig munching on something, and a whooshing sound in the air turns out to be the sound of beautiful Louie Luna’s wings as he flies past. For behind every noise there is a gentle creature whom Wiggle as no reason to fear.
  Every little child who has fears in the night will identify with Wiggle and every mother and father will be grateful for Miss Spider and her common sense way of calming those fears. The insect characters are loveable and funny to look at with their big eyes, longs legs, and quivering antennae and children are instantly attracted to the bright 3-D effect computer generated artwork.

The Listening walk


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