The Last Flight of the Hindenburg

The Disaster of the Hindenburg: The Last Flight of the Greatest Airship Ever Built
Shelley Tanaka
Ages 12 and up
Scholastic, 1993, 0-590-45751 

Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky
Candice F. Ransom
Illustrations by Shelly O. Haas
Historical Fiction
Ages 7 to 10
Lerner, 1997, 1-57505-079-X

Inside the Hindenburg

Inside the Hindenburg: A Giant Cutaway Book
Mireille Majoor
Illustrations by Ken Marshall
Ages 10 and up
Little Brown, 2000, 0-316-12386-2

The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg
Marc Tyler Nobleman
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 9 to 11
Compass Point Books, 2006, 0-7565-1266-2 

The Hindenburg Disaster

The Hindenburg Disaster
Matt Doeden
Illustrated by Steve Erwin, Keith Williams, and Charles Barnett III
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 7 to 9
Capstone Press, 2006, 0-7368-5481-9


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