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The Egg
M.P. Robertson
Picture book
Ages 3 to 6
Puffin, 2004 (Orig. 2000), $6.99, 0-14-240038
  Most of us would probably faint if we found what George found in his mother's chicken house one morning. What he found was an egg to be sure, but it was a simply enormous egg, a mammoth egg. George however was a very sensible and level-headed boy and instead of fainting he took the egg to his warm bedroom and read it stories. This George did faithfully for three days and three nights.
  Then the egg hatched and George discovered that the egg contained not a chicken but a dragon instead. George, being the kind of boy he was, was not overwhelmed or daunted at the prospect of becoming a "mother" to the dragon. Instead he set about teaching the dragon "dragony ways" with skill and a clear understanding of what a young dragon should know in life.
  It is only when George is reading his dragon a book of dragon tales that George discovers that his creature is lonely and in need of dragon company. The next day the dragon is gone but he does not remain so. When he returns he has something of his own to share with George, his devoted and loving "mother."
  With wonderful illustrations and great skill with descriptive prose the author of this book takes us on an extraordinary journey. During this expedition into an unknown world we share the bond that exists between George and his dragon and we see how love, and good sense, can make all the difference in a difficult situation. A gentle and warmly humorous tone, and the author's sympathetic understanding of how young people think makes this a very special book indeed.

The Egg


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