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The Dragon Snatcher
M. P. Robertson
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 8
Penguin, 2005, 0-8037-3103-5
  One snowy winter’s evening, while George is reading in bed, he hears a loud racket coming from the chicken house. When George looks outside he sees that his dragon is standing out there. Clearly something is wrong and without taking the time to get dressed George climbs up on the dragon’s back and they are off to “the land that is neither Here nor There.” The dragon takes George to a grim looking castle high in the mountains and George quickly figures out that something evil lies within the castle walls.
  George creeps into the castle, past a guard dragon, and into a large room which is full of unhatched dragon eggs. Why are all the eggs there and who has collected them all? George soon finds out the answers to these questions and in no time he finds himself involved in a deadly clash with a wizard who wants to rid the world of dragons once and for all.
  In this exciting and beautifully illustrated picture book, readers will once again meet George and the dragon which the boy so loving hatched and raised in M. P. Robertson’s first dragon book, “The Egg.” Clearly George’s dragon still has need of the little boy who has such a kind and brave heart. Dragon fans of all ages will be delighted to know that there is still one place at least where dragons still fill the skies.

The Dragon Snatcher


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