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The Butterfly Garden
Sue Harris
Pictures by Stephanie Boey
Board/Novelty Book
Ages 1 to 4
Chronicle, 2006, 0-8118-5247-4
  Tabby Cat is out in the warm sun filled garden. Bees are buzzing among the blooms of lots of flowers and Tabby is eager to find some butterflies who will “dart and flit and play.” Unfortunately for Tabby the butterflies are proving to be illusive. She looks among the strawberry plants and when she seems a patch of red among the leaves she is sure that there must be a butterfly there. Instead, under the leaves, she finds tubby little Mouse filling his tummy with sweet ripe strawberries.
  Down by the stream Tabby sees a “hint of blue” among the leaves of the willow but this time she discovers that the blue that she saw are the shiny feathers on the wings of a kingfisher.
  Tabby goes from place to place getting more and more discouraged. Will she ever find the butterflies she is looking for? Luckily Tabby has a good friend who helps her find the butterflies and at the same time appreciate all the beautiful sights that Nature has to offer.
  Throughout this beautifully and richly illustrated picture book young readers will find hidden shiny metallic foil inserts in pink, blue, silver, purple, green and gold. Small children will enjoy opening the folding pages to discover what is hiding behind the leaves, the grass, and the flowers.


The Butterfly Garden


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