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The boy who painted dragons 


Picture Book

Ages 7 to 9

Simon and Schuster, 2007, 1-4169-2469-8

  Long ago there was a young boy who painted dragons. He painted dragons on everything. The odd thing was that he did not paint dragons because he liked them; he did so because he was afraid of them, terrified of them in fact. Now, high up in the heavens the dragons who played and who “rode on the clouds and raced to the sun” saw Ping painting his beautiful dragons. The Heavenly Dragon was so pleased with Ping’s apparent fondness for dragons that he decided to pay him a visit.

  When Ping saw a real dragon the boy, in sheer terror, hid under a chair. Seeing the state of the boy the Heavenly Dragon realized that Ping “painted dragons out of fear.” Being a generous creature the dragon left Ping but he gave the boy three pearls of heavenly wisdom first. They were “Seek Your Truth,” “Find Your Truth,” and “Dare to be True.”

  Being a basically wise and brave boy, Ping understood what the Heavenly Dragon was hoping he would do and he set off to face “face my fears and look for the wisdom of the dragons.” It was not long before he came face-to-face with the enormous Water Dragon. Would Ping be able to summon up the courage he would need to talk to the great creature?

  This wonderfully written story is not only a joy to read, but it is also packed with gorgeous artwork created using paint, ink, and Chinese silk brocade. Fluid Chinese dragons dance across the brocade covered pages as the story unfolds to reveal Ping, who once was so afraid of dragons, being given the gifts of courage, wisdom, purity, clarity, and so much more as he encounters the great dragons of China.


The boy who painted dragons


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