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The Blizzard
Betty Ren Wright
Illustrated by Ronald Himler
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 8
Holiday House, 2003, 0-8234-1981-9
  Billy is feeling very sorry for himself. Unlike his sister Mae who was born in the summer, Billy has his birthday in December and this birthday, because of the snow, his cousins are not going to be able to get to his house for his birthday celebration. How can one have a birthday without a party?
  Birthday or not, Billy still has to go to school and while he is there a fierce snowstorm blows up. In fact it is so fierce that there is no way that the children are going to be able to get home. Everyone except for Billy and Mae live too far away. Then Billy's teacher has an idea and the children prepare to brave the storm. Perhaps Billy is going to be able to have a birthday party after all.
  All too often we forget how fierce Mother Nature can be when she really gets going. In this simply told tale a community comes together to deal with the troubles that a blizzard can cause, and incidentally, a little boy gets his birthday wish.

The Blizzard


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