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The Big Book of Canada: Exploring The Provinces And Territories
Christopher Moore
Illustrated by Bill Lavin
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Tundra, 2002, 0-88776-457-6
  Many of us are not lucky enough to be able to travel all over the extensive lands of Canada but in "The Big Book Of Canada" we can certainly take a trip of a different kind, exploring through words, beautiful illustrations and photographs, all the regions of this large country. The book is divided by geographical region. Each region's history, its peoples, its food, its culture, and its peculiarities are described. For example in the region of Niagara there is a page about the history of those brave (or foolish) souls who have taken the highly dangerous plunge in a barrel over the Niagara Falls. Prince Edward Island is famous not only for being the home of the world famous book character "Anne of Green Gables," but also for having one of the strongest and most durable bridges in the world, The Confederation Bridge which connects the island with the mainland, gets covered with ice every winter and hammered by ferocious storms.
  Bill Lavin's unique artwork is a gift in itself and the large volume is perfect for dipping in to discover yet another absorbing detail about an intriguing part of the world. 

The Big Book of Canada


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