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The Battle of the Alamo
Matt Doeden
Illustrated by Charles Barnett III and Phil Miller
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 7 to 9
Capstone Press, 2005, 0-7368-3832-5
  From the very beginning the defense of the Alamo in San Antonio was a long shot. How long could a couple of hundred men hold out against many hundreds of Mexican Army soldiers? The defenders would surely run out of food and water soon and every day the walls of the old fort were shattered in many sections and every night the defenders did their best to repair the holes. Still neither Colonel William Travis nor General Santa Anna were willing to give up and the battle of the Alamo lasted for days before the fort fell on March 6th, 1863.
  This story is told with great sensitivity, capturing the excitement, danger, and desperation of this landmark event in the history of Texas. Readers will find out why the Alamo came to mean so much and what brought about the conflict in the first place. Brightly colored and action packed comic style illustrations make the story easy to follow, interesting, and attractive to reluctant readers.

The Battle of the Alamo


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