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Thanksgiving is Here!
Diane Goode
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
HarperCollins, 2005, 0-6-06--051590
  Everyone is coming to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving and though her house isn't fancy and even though the dining room chairs don't match, this is a special, wonderful day for everyone who comes. Of course there is a lot to do and everyone, except the new baby, pitches in to help. Chairs and tables are arranged, the food is prepared, and the new arrivals are hugged and kissed.
  At last everything is ready and everyone sits down for the most splendid meal. Though this may be the highlight of the day, the fun is by no means over.
  A simple storyline with minimal text and warm golden illustrations are perfectly paired in this seasonal picture book. Smiling faces fill the pages as the family gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving together at Grandma's house. Complete with crying babies, children, pets, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends, this is a reminder that more than anything Thanksgiving is about sharing the day with the people (and animals) whom we love the most.

Thanksgiving is here


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