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Thank you, Thanksgiving
David Milgrim
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
Clarion, 2003, 0-618-75243-9
  A little girl is going out on an errand for her mother. It is Thanksgiving day and as she walks to the general store the little girl is full of gratitude for the many joys in her life and for the many wonderful things that she sees around her. She gives thanks for the park that she walks through and for the hill that she slides down. She gives thanks for the snow people that she sees and for the delicious pie and whipped cream that she eats when she gets home.
  With its simple ‘thank yous’ and its charming oil pastel drawings, this picture book perfectly captures the essence of the Thanksgiving holiday. Children will not only enjoy going on a walk with this bright eyed little girl but they will also enjoy watching to see what her animal companions do. They will see that the animals are not forgotten when the little girl goes shopping, nor are they forgotten after the dessert is eaten. Best of all young readers will come to realize what being thankful is about and how easy it is to get into the right frame of mind to be truly thankful for all the good things in ones life.

Thank you Thanksgiving


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