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Ted Saw An Egg
Judy Kentor Schmauss
Illustrated by Len Epstein
Fiction (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Barron’s Educational Series, 2006, 0-7641-3283-0
  One day Ted finds a very large read and patterned egg in his yard. Before his very eyes the egg starts to hatch. Two enormous legs come out of the egg. One leg is bright red and the other is pink with green polka dots. Ted runs to get his parents to see the egg and when they return they see that a most peculiar looking bird is standing among the remains of the egg shell. Ted now has a new pet to add to his collection of decidedly peculiar looking creatures.
  In this little book young readers will get the opportunity to practice using the short “e” sound. Using decodable, familiar, and unfamiliar words the author has created a challenging yet entertaining text which not only helps a beginner learn to read but which gives the reader an amusing surprise at the end of the story. At the back of the book readers will find out further information about eggs and there is a craft activity to try.
  This is one of the titles in the “Reader’s Clubhouse” series.


Ted saw an Egg


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