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Sparrow Jack
Mordicai Gerstein
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 8
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003, 0-374-37139-3
  John Bardsley went out one night to gather some sparrows. It was 1838, and believe it or not, people in England used to eat roasted sparrows in those days. It was considered a delicacy in fact. John found a baby sparrow that night and ended up raising it instead of eating it. After that John became very fond of the sparrows in his village and they became fond of him. When he was grown up John decided to go to America to seek his fortune. He ended up in Philadelphia and became a housepainter. He soon discovered that Philadelphia had a problem. It was overrun with inchworms. The local birds wouldn’t touch the pests and John came up with a brilliant plan. John decided he would bring sparrows over from England to eat the inchworms.
  All you have to do is look outside to see what happened next. The author has told this true story with humor and sensitivity and his illustrations with their charming borders are full of activity and life.

Sparrow Jack


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