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Soul Survivor

Christopher Golden

Fiction (Series)

Ages 14 and up

Simon and Schuster, 1999, 0-671-03494-4

  Still grieving for Melody, her friend who was murdered not long ago, Jenna Blake is trying to bring some normalcy into her life. She goes to her classes and spends time with her friends, but it is not easy to find a place where she can feel happy. Then a new case is brought to the attention of the ME’s office where she works. Jenna is not crazy about working with the dead, but she does like to solve puzzles. She enjoys finding out what happened to the people who come through the ME’s office doors.

  This time someone has killed a man and has surrounded him with strange symbols. Is this murder part of some ritual or are the symbols insignificant to the case? Jenna finds herself trying to understand what the murderer’s motive is, and what she comes up with is chilling to say the least. When another similar murder is carried out a few days later, clues at the scene of the crime suggest that Jenna is right. These murders are the work of someone who is looking for a second chance – by taking life from others.

  This fascinating mystery title will thoroughly engage readers, taking them into the dark recesses of a murderer’s mind, and into the world of a young college student who is trying to find her place. The contradiction between Jenna’s college life and her work life is interesting, and her struggles to adjust to life as a young adult are very true to life. This is not a title for sensitive souls who might find the murders upsetting, but for aficionados of the mystery genre, it is a real treat.

Soul Survivor


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