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Smart Kids: Bug IQ
Non-Fiction Board Book, Poster and Board Game Kit
Ages 4 to 8
Priddy Books, 2006, 0-312-49697-4
  In this exceptional kit children will have the opportunity to discover all kinds of fascinating things about the insects which share our world. As they read the book they will become acquainted with some of the main insect families including the beetles, the butterflies, and others. Children will also learn that spiders and scorpions, though they are “creeping creatures,” are not insects and that the world of insects is very different from the world of humans. They will meet the species that belong to the “Bug Olympics” club, and they will discover that some species prefer to live together in large numbers such as ants, termites and bees.
  In addition to the beautifully produced book this kit includes a board game (with play pieces and a dice), glow-in-the-dark plastic bugs to stick on a wall, and a “Bug IQ poster. With bright color photographs, large print text and lots of off-the-wall facts and figures, this kit will serve as a perfect introduction to the fascinating world of insects.

Smart Kids Bug IQ


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