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Slinky Malinki Catflaps
Lynley Dodd
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 3 to 5
Tricycle Press, 2006, 1-58246-175-9
  It is a quiet evening and Slinky Malinki is lying in front of the fireplace cozy and warm. Then, as so often happens when one is a cat, Slinki wakes up and readies himself for a little expedition outside. After all, the night with all its smells and sounds awaits him.
  With a gentle little “Purr-owp?” Slinki calls his friends. In twos and fives, they arrive; the Poppadum Kittens, Pimpernel Pugh, Butterball Brown and the others until there are ten cats sitting on the wall “hobnobbing happily” in the moonlight.
  Unfortunately Scarface Claw has also heard the call and soon he arrives on this peaceful scene. Scarface is not popular with the other cats and in no time a terrible series of cat howls, yowls, spittings, and hissings wakes the whole neighborhood.
  Thankfully Slinki knows just what to do about this most unpleasant situation. The cats must find a quiet place away from Scarface where they can continue their socializing in peace. Slinki is sure that he knows just the place and yet he might be underestimating Scarface’s determination to be one of the party.
  Once again Slinki Malinki is a delight to be with. He is the quintessential cat from his twitching whiskers to the tip of his sleek long tail and cat lovers of all ages will recognize his behavior and attitude at once. Here is a cat who is master of his domain, a cat who knows what he wants and how to get it. With wonderfully atmospheric illustrations the author perfectly captures the moonlit cat world and she leaves us sitting on the edge of out seats, wondering what happens next.


Slinky Malini Catflaps


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