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Sharks and other dangers of the deep
Simon Mugford
Designed by Matt Denny
Ages 4 to 8
Priddy Books, 2005, 0-312-49533-1
  Without a doubt sharks excite a definite fascination in many of us. We’ve seen them in movies and on the television; they even make an appearance as headline news every so often. And yet what do we really know about these interesting animals? Did you know for example that the great white shark can have as many as 3,000 teeth in its mouth at one time and if one breaks off another grows in its place?
  In this superbly produced and highly entertaining book children will learn not only about sharks but they will also explore the basic biology and habits of such creatures as the manta ray, the moray eel, jellyfish, and porcupine fish.
  Heavy duty paper, plenty of color, and superb full-page annotated photographs will encourage even very young children to look at this book again and again. It is the kind of book which will grow with a child, the pictures appealing to younger children and the large main text sections appealing to readers who are learning how to read on their own. Each animal is given a danger rating - which will appeal to young readers enormously – and an outline of the animal is shown in relation to a human outline so that the reader can see how large it is.
  The author has included a useful and informative glossary at the back of the book.

Sharks and other dangers of the deep


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