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Sergio Makes a Splash!

Edel Rodriguez

Picture Book

Ages 4 to 7

Little Brown, 2008, 0-316-06616-8

  I’d like you to meet Sergio. He is a short rather plump little Argentinean penguin. Sergio’s home is a cold place and that is how he likes it. He also likes “soccer, fishies, and water.” In particular Sergio loves water. He loves to splash in it and play in it, and it makes him feel “relaxed,” “happy,” “funny,” “playful,” and “silly.” There is one problem however. Sergio cannot swim so he doesn’t like water that is too deep.

  On the first day of school Sergio and his classmates are taken to the ocean to learn how to swim. Unlike his friends Sergio “is not so sure” about this whole swimming thing. His teacher patiently reminds him that he loves to play in water, and he drinks a great deal of it. Also, all those “fishies” that he likes so much live in the ocean.

  And so, feeling very nervous and wearing floaties on his flippers, his feet, and around his middle, Sergio jumps into the ocean.

  In this wonderfully funny and beautifully illustrated picture book Edel Rodriguez introduces us to a young penguin who cannot do that most penguin of things – swim. Children who have their own fears will immediately identify with this amusing little feathered person who does, in the end, find the courage to jump.

  With wonderful four tone oil-based woodblock ink illustrations this picture book is a must for every child who has “nothing to fear but fear itself.”


Sergio makes a splash


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