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Sea Story
Jill Barklem
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 6 and up
Athenaeum, 1990, 0-689-83171-4
 Dusty, Poppy, Wilfred, and Primrose are off an adventure. The mice at Brambley Hedge have discovered that there is almost no salt at all left in the Stump, the place where they store all their food. So, Dusty, his wife Poppy, and their two young friends have to make the long journey down the river and to the sea to get salt from the sea mice. Despite a slight mishap along the way the four mice are soon on the coast and looking for Sandy Bay, where they hope to find the sea mice. The sea mice turn out to be most hospitable, kind, and helpful. Of course a trip to the seaside cannot be without at least a little time on beach, playing in the sand and the water, and having a picnic in the shade, and this is just what the Brambley Hedge mice do. The four mice share many experiences in "Sea Story" and it is wonderful to examine Jill Barklem's cunning little drawings which reveal so many of the intimate details in the lives both the Brambley Hedge mice and their seaside friends.

Sea Story


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